Top 6 Best Simpson Pressure Washers (2017)

Simpson Cleaning has been making pressure washers for almost 49 years so, if you have ever shopped for one, you’ve probably heard a lot about them. But did you know that until 1985 every Simpson washer was made and assembled by hand? That kind of dedication and expertise has propelled them to being an industry leader in today’s market.

Nowadays, Simpson uses cutting edge manufacturing equipment to produce a wide range of residential and commercial models. But the company still specializes solely in high-end washers with unmatched quality and countless innovative features.

ProductImageReview Score 
Aluminum Series ALH4240 9.5Check Price on Amazon
MegaShot MSH3125-S 9.4Check Price on Amazon
The Water Blaster WB4200 9.2Check Price on Amazon
Aluminum ALH3425 8.9Check Price on Amazon
The Brute MB1223 8.6Check Price on Amazon
MegaShot MS60763-S 8.4Check Price on Amazon

If you’re shopping for a new washer, you can’t go wrong with a Simpson. But since there are over 50 different models to choose from, finding the right one can be quite a headache. This guide narrows that list down to six of the very best washers Simpson Cleaning has to offer.

So, without further ado, here are six reviews will help you skip all the confusion and avoid making a purchase you will later regret.

Top Simpson Power Washers On The Market

#1 – Aluminum Series ALH4240 (Check Price on

The Aluminum Series is Simpson’s universal washer line and the ALH4240 is the most powerful version. Though this model was designed for contractors who specialize in restoration and professional cleaning services, it is also perfect for large-scale residential applications.

It is equipped with a heavy-duty Honda GX390 OHV engine that generates 4,200 PSI of pressure and pumps out 4GPM (gallons per minute) of water. The premium industrial-class engine, featuring an Oil Alert indicator, is backed by a 3-year warranty. Its overhead valve system and cast iron cylinders guarantee maximized efficiency and unrivaled durability.

The ALH4240’s frame is 100% professional grade aluminum alloy, making it the most lightweight and versatile washer in its class. Even the tubing is made from extruded aluminum. Coupled with large pneumatic tires, its ergonomic design allows you to easily navigate across all types of surfaces.

Long life expectancy is ensured by an industrial-class CAT plunger pump system and an abrasion resistant Monster Hose. Simpson’s patented Dial-N-Wash spray wand lets you switch from minimum to max pressure with a quick twist of the nozzle. And five Quick-Connect tips make it possible to adjust the spray angle with one hand.

The gun, high-pressure hose, steel wand, and siphon tube filter are included in the standard ALH4240 set. It also comes with plenty of premium engine oil and a Quick Starter guide, enabling you to start using the washer as soon as you assemble it. If you have large cleaning needs but not a lot of experience with gas washers, you can’t go wrong with the 4,200PSI Aluminum model.

#2 – MegaShot MSH3125-S (Check Price on

This 3,100 PSI MegaShot model is Simpson’s best-selling residential washer. It is ideally suited for cleaning house siding, patios and decks as well as preparing exterior surfaces for a fresh coat of paint. Thanks to a compact horizontal design, the MSH3125 is easy to transport and doesn’t require a lot of storage space.

It runs on a Honda 190GC engine, which gives it an impressive 2.5GPM capacity. And an exclusive axial cam pump system guarantees efficiency in the long term. The pump, engineered by OEM Technology, is unique in that it requires absolutely no maintenance.

The washer’s heavy-duty frame is a seamless welded cage made from 100% stainless steel. It’s guaranteed to protect the MegaShot from impact and backed by five years of Simpson’s comprehensive manufacturer warranty. The 25-foot hose is also fully resistant to abrasions, including the threaded connecting adapter.

Designed with convenience and comfort in mind, the spray gun is coated with a Soft-Touch grip. It also features a safety trigger lockout for safety. And switching from the detergent tip to one of the four high-pressure spray wands takes seconds thanks to Quick-Connect technology.

For a relatively low-priced washer, the MSH3125 has a very extensive warranty. The pump is covered for two years, the frame for five and Honda backs the GC engine for 24 months. Even the accessories are replaceable for up to six months.

#3 – The Water Blaster WB4200 (Check Price on

Simpson’s Water Blaster series washers are engineered specifically for industrial applications. It’s a heavy-duty power tool built to work at maximum capacity for hours without losing a beat. As such, buying a 4.1GPM WB4200 for at-home use is definitely overkill.

That being said, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better pressure cleaner for large scale commercial jobs. It is equipped with a Honda GX390 engine with Oil Alert indicators and an automatic low oil shutdown. This prevents corrosion, enabling the Water Blaster to boast a longer life expectancy than any washer in its class.

The WB4200 employs an advanced AAA triplex plunger pump with a thermal relief valve and durable ceramic pistons. The pump is insulated from the gas engine via an advanced dual-belt cooling system to avoid overheating. As a result of that, the Water Blaster maintains the same efficiency levels even after years of everyday use.

Its 3/8-inch thick, 50-foot long Monster Hose is heavily threaded to prevent abrasions caused by debris. Both the hose and the spray gun can be used for cold or hot water cleaning. On top of that, the gun is ergonomically designed with Quick Connect technology as well as five professional-style spray tips.

In order to improve mobility, the WB4200 is protected by a double frame construction. The inner support platform is 100% welded steel, while the outer frame and tubing are made from the same industrial aluminum alloy used in aviation. A pair of versatile pneumatic 13-inch tires makes it easy to move this heavy-duty machine around the work site.

#4 – Aluminum ALH3425 (Check Price on

Though the ALH3425 is the smallest model of the Aluminum Series, it still packs quite a punch. It has a maximum pressure rating of 3,400 PSI and uses 2.5 GPM of water. If you are a homeowner, this can be the only washer you’ll ever need.

A modern Honda GX200 engine with low oil indicators and automatic shutdown is powerful enough to handle the toughest cleaning jobs. Efficiency is also maximized by the AAA industrial triplex pump system, featuring Power Flex technology that boosts pressure levels at the nozzle. And with five Simpson Quick Connect ou can blast right through all of your outdoor cleaning chores in mere minutes.

The lightweight aluminum alloy frame, coupled with pneumatic tires and welded steel support beams allow you traverse any work site. The versatile horizontal design maximizes mobility regardless of the surface material or the size of your work area. That’s exactly why farmers and contractors who travel a lot prefer the ALH3425 for their commercial needs.

Only this Aluminum Series power washer comes standard with a 25-foot MorFlex high-pressure hose. Not only does it protect from marring, kinks, and abrasions but also provide unmatched flexibility. The MorFlex hose includes sturdy, threaded 22M connectors that won’t leak or rust because of everyday use.

Modern aircraft are largely build using the same aluminum alloy as Aluminum Series washers. It is lightweight and tough at the same time and it doesn’t hold heat as much as steel tends to. For gas powered pressure cleaners, that implies no overheating during prolonged periods of constant use.

#5 – The Brute MB1223 (Check Price on

The Brute Series is the only Simpson pressure washer line with a pump powered by electricity instead of gas. It’s also the only portable hot-water washer with an onboard water heater. The heating capability is most useful for detailing, graffiti removal and re-paining.

Although the water pump and sprayer run on a 120V electric motor, the heat is generated via an industrial-class fuel burner. The burner works with any clean-burning fuel, such as kerosene or diesel. And the electric motor can be plugged into a standard household outlet.

The water is heated by an extra-large fuel tank that won’t need to be refilled in the middle of a task, no matter how big a cleaning job is. The burner heats a reservoir that, in turn, gets gradually replenished as you work. Depending on the initial water temperature, it can raise the temperature by up to 100 degrees.

Running at 120 volts means you can plug the MB1223 into any household outlet. But don’t let the low voltage fool you – this electric induction motor is intensely powerful. It pumps out 2.3 GPM of water at a pressure of up to 1,200 PSI.

Its cutting-edge axial cam pump is protected by an automatic stop function. Whenever you lift your finger off the trigger button, the motor shuts off immediately to prevent accidents. The Brute also offers more storage space than any other hot water washer in the industry.

Tired of misplacing nozzles and untangling wires? Well, the MB1223 fits all the included accessories and the extension cord in an onboard compartment. Meanwhile, the washer itself is easy to store thanks to its convenient vertical design.

#6 – MegaShot MS60763-S (Check Price on

Considering that it packs up to 3,000PSI of pressure and delivers 2.4 GPM of water, the MS60763-S is a surprisingly low-profile power washer. Though it’s meant to serve as a residential tool, this model is widely praised by professionals. It has enough power to handle all kinds of stains and enough mobility to get the job done quickly.

The mid-range MegaShot employs OEM pump technology for efficient, quiet operation. Engineered with pin-point precision, the pump stays cool even after hours of continuous use. Plus, it requires absolutely no maintenance and is covered by a 12-month warranty.

Unlike the rest of Simpson’s MegaShot series, it runs on a Kohler RH265 engine as opposed to a Honda GX. The 196cc Kohler provides higher gas efficiency and creates less carbon emission (according to EPA tests.) It also features Accu-Fill and Easy-Pull technologies for simple, user-friendly maintenance.

A safety lock-out and an effective thermal relief system ensure safe operation for novice pressure washer users. Assembly is also bound to be a breeze with the included Quick Start guide. Meanwhile, the welded frame construction used in the frame design extends the MegaShot’s life expectancy and makes it easy to maneuver.

Simpson’s Power Boost system builds up pressure evenly and releases it all at the nozzle, providing better performance. This system extends engine life so much that Kohler backs the RH265 with a two-year warranty. It also eliminates vibration and keeps noise down to a minimum.

The Simpson Pressure Washer Winner For The Money

Whether you’re looking for an industrial unit or a high-end residential washer, there are a number of fitting choices among the top six Simpsons. So which model is the best and which one gets you more bang for your buck?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to that question.

For the most part, it depends on how often you intend to use it and what kinds of surfaces you’ll be working with. If you have very specific needs (such as water heating), there may only be one viable choice. But generally speaking, these are the best commercial model and the best washer for home.

Aluminum ALH4240 – Best Residential Simpson Pressure Cleaner

The ALH4240 combines everything you could ever want in a power washer. It’s impressive 4,200PSI/4.0GPM capacity guarantees that it’ll satisfy all your outdoor cleaning needs. Meanwhile, the lightweight frame and pneumatic wheels make this Aluminum Series washer as mobile as any of the smaller models.

Aluminum Series ALH4240 (View on Amazon)

Most importantly, the ALH4240 is the most time-tested machine Simpson has to offer. It’s bound to outlive all of your expectations, even if you use it daily. These washers break down so rarely that they come with a 10-year frame warranty.

The Water Blaster WB4200 – Best Commercial Simpson Washer

The Water Blaster WB4200 (View on Amazon)

There are two simple reasons why professionals prefer the WB4200 over any other model on the market.

First of all, the Water Blaster puts the “power” back into “power washer”. Each of its parts was built for large-scale jobs – from the AAA Triplex Pump to the Honda GX OHV engine and dual-belt cooling system.

And secondly, it is sold at an unbeatable value. Every business has a budget and the WB4200 may be the best investment you could make.