Top 6 Best Karcher Pressure Washers (2017)

Summer is a great time of year – the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and everyone is in a better mood. The only downside is having to clean up all the dirt, pollen, grime, and dried grass clippings that start to cover everything as the weather gets warmer. Well, a high-quality pressure washer turns that tedious chore into a quick and easy task.

ProductImageReview Score 
Karcher Expert Series G3200 XC 9.6Check Price on Amazon
Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus 9.5Check Price on Amazon
Karcher Performance Series G3000OH 9.4Check Price on Amazon
Karcher X-Series K3.540 9.3Check Price on Amazon
Karcher K3 Follow-Me
9.2Check Price on Amazon
Karcher K2.26 Anniversary Kit 9Check Price on Amazon

Today, there are hundreds of different models to choose from, with prices ranging from $100 to over $5,000. So, if you want to avoid buyer’s remorse, it may be a good idea to go with a reputable brand. Aside from being the world’s best-selling power washer manufacturer, Karcher has won countless awards for the quality and effectiveness of their products.

Karcher sells dozens of washers for a variety of applications. Do you want to find the one that suits your needs best of all? If so, consider one of the six best Karcher power washers available on the market, which are all thoroughly reviewed below

Top Karcher Power Washers On The Market

1 – Karcher Expert Series G3200 XC (Check Price on

Delivering 3,200PSI of water pressure, this professional gas-powered washer can make quick work of even the toughest cleaning jobs. The ergonomically designed unit runs on a highly efficient 196cc (Karcher KXS) engine, which is covered by a comprehensive 36-month warranty.

Every part of the G3200 XC was made for maximizing speed and efficiency. It features Quick Connect couplings for faster setup and a huge 1.3-gallon detergent tank that eliminates the need for constant refills. In addition to that, the washer’s metal frame sits on a set of 10-inch pneumatic tires, making it easy to transport and practically impossible to break.

As all G-series models, this washer combines raw power with modern German engineering. Karcher’s exclusive pump system is the same technology that powers industrial washers used to clean the Founding Fathers’ faces on Mount Rushmore. And this unit comes standard with five interchangeable Pro-Style nozzles, allowing you to clean all kinds of surfaces with ease.

Though it only weighs 65 pounds, this is a very powerful piece of equipment. Be careful when cleaning certain surfaces because, at maximum capacity, it can easily take off a layer of paint together with the dirt.

Finally, after you are finished cleaning, the G3200 XC’s convenient folding handle makes it 50% smaller and 100% easier to store. It is the only pressure washer in its class that you can literally fit on a shelf.

2 – Karcher K5 Premium Full Control Plus (Check Price on

Karcher’s K5 is their most popular electric pressure cleaner line. And the Premium Full Control Plus package is the very best unit of the lineup. Although it cost quite a bit more than a standard K5 washer, the price is definitely justified.

Rated at 2,000 PSI, this lightweight high-pressure cleaner has a maximum flow rate of 110 gallons/hour. To put it into perspective, it can allow you to clean an area of 120 square feet per hour. What makes this truly impressive is the fact that the K5 weighs less than 30 pounds.

To prevent overheating, the motor is water cooled automatically after passing through the built-in water filtration system. Though it may look like regular plastic, the base of the cleaner is made from extremely tough, durable, heavy-duty materials. And while the high-pressure hose may need to be replaced a few years down the road, the telescopic handle is 100% aluminum alloy.

Here’s what really sets the Premium Full Control Plus apart.

A number of stunning, high-tech features separate this model from other K5 cleaners. Karcher went all out, even improving on seemingly unimportant details like the integrated storage for adapters and accessories, or the convenient hose reel for safe storage. Of course, the bigger innovations are far more impressive.

First off, this package includes every kind of nozzle and spray lance you’ll ever need. With Karcher’s Quick Connect adapters, you can easily customize the cleaner to optimal settings for home, patio, garage, car, etc. And the Plug-And-Clean soap intake allows you to switch detergents in seconds.

Are you ready for the best part?

Every unit comes with a high-tech Full Control Plus trigger gun, complete with an LCD display and electronic power controls. You can adjust water pressure with precision and keep perfect track of detergent output right on the trigger gun. It even lets you analyze the results so you can perfect your technique and learn to clean faster with time.

3 – Karcher Performance Series G3000OH (Check Price on

Created for large-scale cleaning jobs, the G3000OH couples advanced engineering with a rugged design and unmatched durability. Sure, it may not be as easy on the eyes as most Karcher models. But, as far as performance goes, pressure washers don’t get much better than this.

With a top-of-the-line Honda GC190 engine and an industrial brass-nozzle pump, this cleaner can put out up to 150 gallons/minute at 3,000 PSI. Thanks to a rugged, no-nonsense design and an integrated water cooling system, you can use the G3000OH at maximum capacity for hours on end. Even after hours of non-stop cleaning on a hot summer day, the Performance Series washer proves worthy of its name.

This washer goes a long way to prove that big things come in small packages. Like all heavy-duty, industrial class appliances, it was made to outlive its owner. Holding the cleaner in place are a welded steel frame, rugged engine covers, and pneumatic tires on top of solid steel wheels.

That being said, the G3000OH is still a Karcher – there’s much more to it than a high-end engine and a tough exterior. It comes standard with a patented QC Nozzle Adapter, which has five angle options (0, 15, 25, 40 and 65 degrees) for different surfaces. Not to mention the 25ft. high-pressure detergent siphon hose and the 15-inch delicate surface cleaner attachment.

Initially made for small to moderate industrial applications, the G3000OH became a personal favorite for folks who do more pressure cleaning than most. People who only use their washer for occasional “spring cleaning” will probably find this model inconvenient and unnecessarily powerful. Meanwhile, contractors, small business owners, and DIY enthusiasts alike love the efficiency and durability it provides.

4 – Karcher X-Series K3.540 (Check Price on

The K3.540 is a mid-range washer from one of Karcher’s most recent product lines, called the X-Series. It is an attractive, user-friendly model packed full of new technology. For instance, the electric washer runs on a highly efficient 3-phase induction motor, which powers its direct-drive axial cam pump.

Though the K3.540 is technically a low-power model, it packs a surprising 180 PSI of force for a maximum output of 90 Gallons per hour. No domestic cleaning chore is above this washer’s pay grade. That includes even the toughest tasks, such as blasting grime off the walls of your pool, washing the roof and flushing out stuffed gutters.

As a matter of fact, X-Series pressure washers come with a whole arsenal of accessories. The K3.540 is equipped with a Quick-Connect water intake/outlet and a trigger gun with child safety locks. And if the Vario Power Spray wand isn’t effective enough for you, just use the DirtBlaster wand, which has been tested to increase the water pressure output by 50%.

You should know that a few previous owners reported one small downside to using the K3.540. Simply put, it is an outdoor tool but it’s built like an indoor appliance. As such, you have to handle it carefully to avoid damaging the frame.
Keep in mind that Karcher provides a 12-month warranty that covers this type of repairs. Plus, this unit is also eligible for their Rapid Exchange Program. If there’s a problem, they will send a replacement using expedited shipping (usually overnight delivery).

5 – Karcher K3 Follow-Me (Check Price on

One of Karcher’s most successful low-budget models, the Follow-Me, is an upgraded K3 unit on four wheels. In fact, it is the world’s first and only pressure washer on wheels, as well as one of the few electric units to be awarded a Family Handyman Editor’s Choice Award.

Are wheels really such a big deal? Well, would you rather carry around 30 pounds of equipment as you wash your patio or have it follow you around?
After all, pressure washers are supposed to make outdoor cleaning easy. And, though the Follow-Me concept isn’t too complex, it goes a long way towards simplifying the process.

A maximum capacity of 64 gallons/hour makes the wheeled K3 suitable for most domestic applications. Technically, the engine is rated for 1,800PSI but such highly compact models can’t utilize the motor to its full potential. Thanks to Karcher’s top-notch quality axial pump system, the K3 operates at only a few hundred PSI below its rating.

Every Follow-Me washer comes complete with a generous set of accessories. A DirtBlaster wand is included to alleviate any concerns regarding low pressure capacity. When a power boost is not necessary, save some time with the Vario Power Spray wand by instantly switching from detergent to high-pressure rinse.

The best-selling K3 also features a unique N-Cor function, allowing it to draw water from a standing source, such as a bucket or a pool. For obvious reasons, the pump won’t be able to function at full efficiency but the difference is barely noticeable.

6 – Karcher K2.26 Anniversary Kit (Check Price on

K2 is Karcher’s Compact Series line of power washers. On their 75th anniversary, they decided to release an upgraded portable model and package it with their best add-ons and accessories.

While the K2.26 weighs less than 15 pounds, it boasts a maximum of 160 PSI and pumps out a whopping 70 gallons/hour. That alone makes it the best compact pressure washer on the market. To top it off, the kit comes standard with the best Karcher add-ons and even a couple of exclusive functions.

The K2.26 features a retractable height handle for easy handling and a convenient 20-foot high-pressure hose to maximize reach. There’s also a child lock safety guard on the trigger handle. Plus, the anniversary kit even has N-Cor capability – connect a regular hose or use standing water.

With the Vario Power Spray and Dirtblaster wands, the K2 can become quite an effective tool. For small jobs (patio cleanup, car wash, etc.) it’s just as effective as an industrial model. Moreover, the Compact Series washer offers something you won’t find anywhere else – a Large T50 Deck & Driveway attachment for dealing with stubborn spots.

*Since the K2.26 runs on an air-cooled motor, it can’t handle intense, prolonged use due to overheating. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it when it’s hot outside. Just keep in mind that Compact Series models were never meant to be operated non-stop for more than an hour at a time.

The Karcher Pressure Washer Winner For The Money

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all pressure washer. If you’re a professional carpenter, you need a heavy-duty Performance Series model like the G3000OH. Meanwhile, if you just want a quick way to clean up the patio after a barbecue, you’d be best off with a compact K2.26.

That being said, most folks who are in the market for a pressure cleaner have moderate needs and prefer reliable, high-end products. Are you looking for a well-rounded model that’ll get the job done every time for years to come?

If so then you’re looking for a G3200 XC. Engineered for long-term efficiency, with enough power to tackle the toughest dirt and grime, the Expert Series washer is miles ahead of the competition.

Buy The Karcher Expert Series G3200 XC on!

Here are some concrete reasons why the G3200 XC is the best Karcher pressure washer on the market and how it can get you the most bang for your buck:

• Its unique ergonomic design guarantees durability without restricting functionality. It is the only model in its class protected by a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame.
• It is powered by a 196cc Karcher engine, designed specifically for the washer.
• All Expert Series models feature the same exclusive pump system perfected by German engineering. But this is the only non-commercial unit of the bunch.
• The patented Folding Handle makes it 50% smaller for easy storage. No need to sacrifice space for an industrial-class washer.