Top 6 Best Generac Pressure Washers (2017)

Established in 1959, Generac quickly became a leading power tool manufacturer. Today, they are among the world’s most trusted pressure washer brands.

Unlike their competition, the folks at Generac still design and make every part of their washers, including the gas engines. Though outsourcing from overseas is cheaper, Generac refuses to sacrifice the quality and reliability they are so famous for. As you can probably guess, they dominate the high-end residential washer market.

ProductImageReview Score 
The OneWash 7019 9.6Check Price on Amazon
Commercial Series 6565 9.5Check Price on Amazon
The SpeedWash 6882 9.4Check Price on Amazon
Residential CARB Compliant 6597 9Check Price on Amazon
Professional Series 6712 8.8Check Price on Amazon
Residential Series 6921 8.5Check Price on Amazon

Generac makes over 20 different power washers, most of which are meant for residential cleaning. Recently, they gave their best-selling models a complete makeover as well as a few upgrades. As such, anyone looking for a new washer elsewhere is missing out, big time.

But are all the latest Generac innovations worthwhile? And how do you find the best model with so many different options to choose from?

Fortunately for you, this guide has all the answers you’re looking for and more. Browse the reviews below to learn everything you need to know about six of the best Generac washers of 2017.

Top Generac Power Washers On The Market

#1 – The OneWash 7019 (Check Price on 

The OneWash Series is Generac’s most powerful multi-purpose line of residential washers. And the 7019 boasts better performance than any other OneWash unit. Driven by a 196cc OHV engine, the washer puts out 3,100 PSI of pressure and 2.4 GPM of water.

The Generac engine is also backed by the efficiency of a state-of-the-art horizontal axial cam pump, featuring direct displacement control. The hose connection ports are conveniently located well above ground level so there’s no need to kneel down to reach them. From there, water travels down the included 25ft high-pressure hose and into the spray gun.

Ergonomically designed for hours of comfortable operation, the spray gun features Generac’s patented PowerDial technology. As its name suggest, PowerDial allows you to dial in a power setting with a push of a button. There are three different pressure levels – Concrete, Wood, and Car – in addition to the detergent spray.

An extra-large 1/2 gallon soap tank is conveniently located at the 7019’s base. It can be detached for cleanup but, to top off the detergent tank, just unscrew the cap and pour. Furthermore, the user-friendly control panel provides simple access to the ON/OFF, Choke and fuel cutoff.

Generac went to great length to make this heavy-duty washer mobile enough for a residential series model. It is equipped with oversized 10in. wheels and durable Never-Flat Tires. You can maneuver the OneWash around your worksite with ease, no matter what kind of terrain you’re dealing with.

#2 – Commercial Series 6565 (Check Price on

This industrial washer is powered by a highly efficient 420cc engine, which perfectly complements its commercial grade triplex pump system. The Generac OHV engine employs a horizontal shaft system for maximized performance, while the rugged pump design and ceramic pistons have shown to triple the 6565’s life expectancy.

With up to 4,200 PSI of pressure, this 4.0 GPM Commercial Series washer offers unrivaled performance and versatility. It also happens to be priced way lower than any similar unit in its class, mostly because Generac is still a new name in the industrial-class category.

If you’re a professional contractor or a business owner, purchasing a 6565 can be the soundest investment you’ve ever made.

Its versatile 12-inch pneumatic wheels keep the washer mobile and steady, regardless of the turf. On top of that, the fully welded Roll Cage frame features a foldable handle. This capability makes a huge difference when you’re storing or transporting the washer.

Like all Generac Commercial Series washers, this model comes standard with a set of exclusive add-ons and accessories. The built-in pressure control valve allows you to adjust power levels with ease. Not to mention the brass Quick Change fitting that let you set the washer up in minutes.

But the most notable part of the 6565 set is the rugged 50-foot high pressure hose. Not only is it reinforced with heavy-duty steel netting, but also layered with flexible, non-marring coating that won’t leave any scuffs or scratches.

#3 – The SpeedWash 6882 (Check Price on

When it comes to efficiency, the SpeedWash Series is as good as it gets. From its lightweight design to its performance-driven pump system and engine, the 6882 is built for making quick work of residential cleaning. It is the all-inclusive universal power washer set that is equally effective on patio furniture, decks, vehicles and paint removal.

With a 196cc Generac OHV engine and a brass head axial cam pump system, this washer produces up to 2,900 PSI of pressure, spraying at a rate of 2.4 GPM. The brass head pump keeps it from overheating in addition to improving durability by 50% (compared to regular aluminum heads.) So, while SpeedWash Series units can handle countless hours of constant use, you’ll hardly need that much time with the 6882.

Weighing in at less than 70 pounds, it is also the most lightweight model in its class. And the versatile aluminum-alloy frame sits on top of two oversized wheels that make maneuvering even easier. As if that wasn’t enough, the washer comes with a 30-foot high-pressure Flex Hose, which is the most flexible kink-resistant hose on the market.

What really sets the SpeedWash 6882 apart from the competition is the wide array of cutting-edge accessories that come standard with each unit. Generac’s patented PowerDial spray gun, along with four Quick Change nozzles are just the start. For instance, there’s a Soap Blaster nozzle designed to apply detergent almost three times faster than a regular soap spray tip.

It also comes with the Turbo Nozzle for removing the most stubborn dirt or pain. It produces a pinpoint stream and rotates to maximize precision. On top of that, there is a Power Broom attachment, which allows you to clean softer surfaces – glass, garage walls, vehicles, etc. – at maximum pressure.

#4 – Residential CARB Compliant 6597 (Check Price on 

This 2,800 PSI, 2.5 GPM model is one of the earliest Generac power washers available today. Nevertheless, the outdated 6597 is also one of the most popular units among homeowners. It’s a well-made, effective machine that has stood the test of time, yet it is also the most affordable residential gas washer out there.

Powered by a reliable 196cc OHV engine, the 6597 employs an axial cam pump system. The engine has an indicator to warn you when it’s time to replace the oil. And you can forget about getting down on your knees to connect hoses thanks to Easy Access Connectors.

Being an older model, it doesn’t come with a PowerDial spray gun, though it is compatible. On the other hand, you get the tried-and-true Generac sprayer with a Cushion Grip Handle. It’s ergonomic, user-friendly and features Soft Push Trigger designed to reduce fatigue.

Compared to similar units, the 6597 is definitely a high-capacity washer. It’s soap tank holds 3/4 gallons of detergent and can be detached for simple long-term storage. The Never Flat tires are made to last through many years of everyday use.

For some reason, Generac’s newest models lack the sturdy, convenient spray gun holder you can enjoy with the 6597. Likewise, most folks agree that the original wheelbarrow-style frame was superior to the slicker new designs.

You should note that this washer does have one meaningful flaw. The quality of the included hose is extremely low. It’s basically 25 feet of PVC tubing so you should probably buy a high-pressure hose separately and keep the standard one as a backup.

#5 – Professional Series 6712 (Check Price on

A true feat of engineering, the 6712 combines industrial performance and best-in-class efficiency with the versatility of a portable washer. It even weighs 50 less than any competitive model available today. Meanwhile, on the inside, this is a heavy-duty commercial grade appliance guaranteed to tackle any cleaning task you throw at it.

This unit’s most notable feature is the exclusive Belt Drive Triplex pump system. First off, this implies an unmatched life expectancy (at least three times that of normal direct drive pumps.) And secondly, it’s practically impossible to overheat a belt system so the washer won’t corrode from around-the-clock operation in the summer.

As a matter of fact, the pump system was specially designed to be rebuildable for quick maintenance after years of heavy use. It can outlast most of your tools as long as you keep it oiled up. And that couldn’t be easier thanks to the built-in Oil Level Sight Glass.

Driven by a powerful 302cc OHV gas engine, the 6712 pumps out a whopping 3.2 GPM of water at up to 3,800 PSI. Generac even replaced their standard spray gun with a heavy-duty version for this washer. It has a side handle for stable two-handed use, a molded grip, and an Easy Pull trigger for hours of comfortable use.

Like most industrial power tools, this washer has a reliable welded frame that is practically indestructible. But, in contrast to other heavy appliances, the 6712 is mobile and easy to transport. Equipped with a set of large pneumatic wheels, it can handle maneuvers with ease on the most rugged terrains.

Five Quick Connect nozzles also come standard with this model. They include 0, 15, 25, and 40-degree sprayers as well as a robust detergent wand. Last but not least, the high-pressure hose measures 50 feet long and is reinforced by steel threading.

#6 – Residential Series 6921 (Check Price on

Although it is the least powerful Generac ever made, the 6921 is one of the most successful compact gas washers in the industry. The unit weighs a mere 56 pounds and measures 35in.(w) by 19in.(l) by 25in.(h). Yet, it is rated at up to 1,500 PSI and 2.4 GPM.

That sort of performance is a huge plus for a portable pressure washer. It alleviates the need for a high-end model, which requires too much storage space or too much spending for some folks. Just keep in mind that a portable cleaner doesn’t pack enough force to take off layers of old paint or scrub stubborn grease stains off the garage floor.

Even when it comes to their portable units, Generac doesn’t hold out on any of their top notch attachments and accessories. The 6921 comes with a Soft Grip spray gun, complete with four Quick Change nozzles and a dedicated detergent spray wand. A versatile 25-foot non-marring high-pressure hose is also included.

Other notable features include an innovative horizontal-shaft engine design, rugged 10-inch wheels and an ergonomic gun with Easy Pull trigger technology. The user-friendly model can be assembled in under 30 minutes – no tools necessary. There’s even a user-friendly Quick Start guide for novice users.

Do you plan to use your pressure cleaner on rare occasions? Is your budget too tight to opt in for a high-end model? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, the 6921 may be exactly what you are looking for. Otherwise, you’d probably be better of with one of the more powerful residential unit on this list.

The Generac Pressure Washer Winner For the Money

Generac truly proves that the saying “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to pressure washers. The truth is, you should pay only for what you need.

So, for instance, if you only need a washer for your boat or off-road vehicles, it makes sense to opt out for the low-end 2,500PSI Residential Series 6921. Just like it makes sense to get the easy-to-transport Professional Series 6712 if you’re a contractor servicing a large rural area.

Of course, all things considered, there is an overall best residential and industrial Generac.

OneWash 7019 (Check on Amazon) 

For most homeowners, the OneWash 7019 is clearly the best choice. Considering the very slight price differential between the OneWash and similar (yet inferior) models, it gets you way more bang for your buck. The washer features every one of the best innovations Generac has to offer, packs more punch than any unit in its class, and boasts an unsurpassed life expectancy.

If you’re a professional contractor, you need tools you can rely on day in and day out. As such, you should use the toughest, most durable and performance-driven washer you can get your hand on. And with the Commercial Series 6565, you get just that – an efficient, time-tested tool that will tackle every task a pressure washer is meant for.